We are a fee-based, fiduciary planning and advisory firm.

Initial consultations are free. Going forward, initial and refined financial planning services typically require a flat-rate fee. Investment management services fees are based upon assets under management.  

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Retirement Income Analysis & Planning

Retirement planning can be a complex puzzle...

...with many "moving parts" (401(k), IRA, Investments, Savings, Social Security, Medicare etc) that ultimately must fit together to form a plan that will provide you with both the financial and emotional security you need and deserve (they are equally important).  A Written Retirement Plan is the foundation for ensuring that your  savings will last for your lifetime. It is is the best way for most retirees (and those that will be retiring soon) to increase their confidence that their hoped-for retirement lifestyle will be sustainable.  Retirement income planning is "part art and part science."  The science is math, while the art lies in experience; we offer both. 

We perform extensive analysis and planning  as an integral part of the value we bring to our clients.  We first analyze the "big picture" by comparing your retirement goals to your assets, and then fill-in the "details" such as the specific financial tools that will be used to execute and sustain your plan over time (stocks, bonds, insurance solutions, etc). 

Ultimately, we seek to achieve your goals in the least complex and most practical way as we possibly can.


Professional Investment Management

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To quote the legendary Benjamin Graham, known as the "Dean of Wall Street, "The essence of investment management is the management of risk, not the management of returns."

We believe that avoiding large losses - an essential element of risk management - has as much effect upon the overall growth of an investment portfolio as does achieving gains.  This is because when you incur large losses, the subsequent gain needed to "get back to even" is larger than the loss itself.  Put differently, it is hard to get ahead if you take two steps forward and one back.  

We work with some of the nations leading professional investment management firms to provide our clients with best-in-class asset management.  As every client is different - therefore with different investment management needs - we select the asset management firm (or firms) that best suits your individual goals, assets, and risk tolerance. 


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